Company Overview

We focus on continuous development of products and service as well as our services.
We are thriving to be number one of Korean travel agency introducing beautiful Korea.


  • CEOHo Kwon Son
  • CapitalUSD 1,140,000
  • Established11th June 2008
  • Employees40
  • Major business Meeting, Incentives, Conference and Even in both governmental and private organisations
  • Address 7F, Chungjeong Bulding, 135 Tongilro, Seodaemun-Ku, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone+82-2-3788-4800
  • Fax+82-2-6944-9200


We are targeting not only existing massive Jananese and Chinese market but also expanding our capabilities
to Southern East Asia and American & European market to introduce wonderful toursim resources of Korea.


We aim to introduce beautiful Korea to the globe with our great service and best products.


No.1 Inbound company national wide
  • 2020 No.1 Brand and Service
    Awareness Inbound Company
  • 2025 No.1 inducement of Foreign Tourists
    No.1 Sales Benefic in field
  • 2030 Global Market


With strong strategy, bright future!

Mode Tour International prepare in every step to perform
our core mission being best Global travel company.
  • 2020 Expanding markets
    in China and Japan
  • 2025 Strategy Alliance
    with Global Companies
  • 2030 Expanding business

Growing Together

Management Philosophy

Customers’ satisfaction is the answer.

Mode Tour International gives customers’ pleasure and confidence the top priority.
In order to win the ultimate customer satisfactory by innovation and speedy management, it listens to customers all the time.
Innovation and change is a prerequisite,
not an option, for a company to grow and prosper.
Mode Tour international, as the travel agency
representing Korea, take the lead in innovation.
Customer Satisfaction
The management keyword of
Mode Tour International are innovation, speed,
and customer satisfaction.
It puts customers first.
The matter of swiftness is not limited to the IT industry.
Mode Tour International will respond to
external business environments
more swiftly and flexibly than anyone.
In order to improve our customer satisfaction, we regularly systemize our service manual,
analyze current trends and educate our staff constantly on regular basis
Work Ethics
of Mode Tour
1. Proud of being a member of Mode Tour, I will do my best for its growth.
2. Keeping in mind customers’ callings are what are earned by my efforts, I will answer them wholeheartedly.
3. Keeping in mind my compensation is from customers, I will serve tem with sincerity.
4. As a travel expert, I will be aware of the entire products of my company.
5. Thinking that customers cannot be wrong, I will do all I can do for customers satisfaction.
6. Cherishing customers’ criticism, I will always listen to their discontent.
7. Making it a rule to reconfirm everything, I will make no mistake in doing my job.
8. Putting myself in customers’ shoes all the time, I will not force them to think my way.
9. Grading my service 50 out of 100, I will always do my best to make it better.
10. I will show respect and courtesy to my colleagues all the time.

By grading and systematizing its service, Modetour International provides the best and inimitable service.

Modetour International always does its best to offer
high-quality products and improve its service.

Qualified Guides

  • - Tightening the qualification examination of certified tour guides
  • - Improving the service attitude of tour guides through regular CS education, Providing customers
    with comfort and service continuity by having more employees wear the uniform

Operation of more
Modetour Vehicles

  • - Procurement and operation of clean and high-performance vehicles
  • - Creating the sense of belonging by attaching the company logo of Modetour International to buses,
    making customers more comfortable and relaxed

More careful examination on the items
and parts comprising a product

  • - Development of reliable tourism products in cooperation with domestic business partners
  • - Quality improvement by the regular monitoring on the quality of products and service

Guarantee of
Customer safety

  • - Giving customers’ safety the highest value all the time, preparing appropriate
    accident prevention schemes and contingency plans, and dealing without the situation
    without delay in case of emergency

Mode Tour International thrives to achieve on our core objective "Customer Satisfaction".

With service minded actions, we listen our customers’ voice and
approach to customers first with great service attitude.

Organizational Chart

Creating beneficial synergy effect by efficient
organizational structure and strategic business process.

CI Introduction

Our next business strategy of business improvement through
"co-operation" and “customer satisfaction” represents our thrive of "Growing together".


We indicate you the quickest and most comfortable way to Mode Tour International.
03735 : 7F, Chungjeong Bulding, 135 Tongilro, Seodaemun-Ku, Seoul, Korea
By public
  • By Subway

    Line 5 Walk about 300m after getting off Exit 2 of Seodaemun Station (Line 5)
  • By Bus

    Get off at Seodaemun station,
    walk toward to Dongnimmun Gate around 300m